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I have applied for H1-B and recently got RFE. My client is ready to give the client letter but since the SOW with my company is expiring on 28 Feb 2019, the client is giving letter only till end of Feb 2019. I cannot wait till Feb end to get the updated SOW and client letter since the last date of responding to RFE is 25 Jan. We have mentioned in client letter that :

"Even though this dates in the near future, this does not mean that (client name) will not continue our relationship with Vendor.  Contracts are renegotiated towards the end of the term and renewals are often not finalized until after the contract end date.  Until the renewal is finalized, (Client name) typically operated under the terms of the old contract. The SOW may be extended at (Client name)’ option. "  

If my company responds by end of Jan, with Client letter and SOW till 28 Feb 2019, What are my chances of getting a visa extension? 


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In this situation, one might want to prepare another H1B Petition with a new LCA with a validity period from February 28, 2019 (when the current SOW expires) and file it before responding to the RFE, and then respond to the RFE with the letter and SOW available. In this situation it is quite possible that USCIS will only approve it to February 28, 2019. However, one might not receive the decision until after that date. Furthermore, if the H1B Petition is still pending post-Feb. 28, 2019, as soon as the new SOW is issued, file a supplemental package to USCIS with the SOW arguing that just as the petitioner stated the work is continuing after Feb. 28, 2019.

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