I485 RFE even when my PD wasn't current


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I received a I485 RFE even when my PD wasn't current and neither of signs to be current soon. My 485 has been pending from last 6 years. Also, I haven't changed my employer. The only issue was that my client contract was over before I received the RFE. My employer refused to give me Supplement J form and this he informed me when the due date for RFE submission was just 10 days away. I quickly approached an Attorney firm and they said that they can reply to the RFE to get further extension as I wasn't employed. I am worried if USCIS would extend the RFE time limit. Also, the Attorney attached my linkedin profile and some  emails showing that I was job-searching.

I really want to know the following:

       1) Is this the right way to address this RFE?

      2) What might be the reason for this RFE in first place? 

Any response would be helpful.

Please reply! Appreciate your help!


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Sorry to hear about your case. It's a torture to ask for evidence after 6 years of pending I-485. First they make you wait for decades and then they ask for new proofs later. Things change in 10yrs, life changes. This is double discrimination. None of the other nationalities have to go through this.

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How is it not discrimination?

Someone born in Bangladesh can get GC within 2 yrs. Someone born in Guatemala can get GC within 2 yrs. Someone born in Nigeria can get GC within 2 yrs. Someone born in Estonia can get GC within 2 yrs. But if you are born in India by no plan of yours, you gotta wait decades to get your GC, in the peak of your life when you should be focusing on career & family. Just coz of where you were born. This is the exact definition of discrimination based on nationality.

Applying country quota to legal immigrants is a joke when you allow 20 million illegal immigrants from just one country. It's meaningless.

Indian population in US is just 3.5%. How is it ok to limit people from India who come legally?


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If the Indian nationals you quote don't like the wait, no one is forcing them to be in the US. They're free to focus on their career and family while in India. They have India work authorization and India passports. India has a growing economy from what I hear. No one, absolutely no one is forced to be in the US. They stay by choice. They don't like the wait, they can leave. 

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That might be true for new people coming in. But doesn't apply to people who came 15yrs back, they were not told that it will take 20yrs, so go back now. Those people are stuck, only coz they followed all the rules.

By the way, Ive seen yours & JoeF's comments on illegal immigration, you guys support it. I have never seen you saying that they should go back.


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