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Hey guys,

I had applied for my OPT Extension on October 2, 2018 after completing 12 months of the first OPT period at a company that is directly related to my area of study (no problems there). I received an RFE at the time of my extension application as I mistakenly input the Employer Identification Number (EIN) instead of the requested e-verify number. The RFE is clear and all it says is, 

" The employer name and E-verify number listed in Question 28.c on your application cannot be validated. Provide the correct E-verify number and your employer's correct business name as listed in E-verify. E-verify numbers should be five or six digits long"

How should I respond to this RFE? I mean I have a letter on my company letterhead that my HR sent me that basically tells USCIS what the E-verify number is and what the name of the company is. Also the letter mentions that I have been with this firm for 12 months and informs in brief about my job profile along with the kind of work the company does. this letter is signed by my HR. Also I have attached the screenshot of the company account on E-verify that shows the company name and their E-verify number. These are the 2 pages I have. Will this be enough? What else shall I attach? 

Any inputs and advice is highly appreciated! 


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