RFE - Need Help in Responsding to L2 EAD Renewal?

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My employer had filed for L2 Extension and we personally filed for L2 EAD renewal in parallel. Both of the applications were filed on 28th Sep 2018.  My L2 extension is assigned to California Center and my L2-EAD is assigned to Vermont Center as it is not submitted together. 

Today, 08th Dec we have received an RFE on EAD extension. The RFE - requires for us to submit 'Proof of Your Spouse's H-1B NonImmigration Status'. 

My questions is as below. 
1. My Spouse is on L1B visa. Should I submit the requested I797/I129S/I-94 pertaining to my Spouse's L1 B visa though the request is for H1B? The RFE request for H1B non-immigrant is surely not applicable in my case. 
2. If I proceed with submitting the documents, should I mention anything about the discrepancy in RFE request?
3. I have my l2 Extension Notice, should I send them along? The RFE does not ask for it, however should I tag it along?

PS: I haven't received an L2 extension confirmation yet. 

Request for your support and guidance. 

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