L2 EAD renewal filed, not heard, and the current EAD card date is expirying

Leela I

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I already have an L2 EAD and am working, its expiring on Jan 8th 2019 hence I applied for renewal on Oct 9th 2018, and I received the receipt no. ...... Have been checking the case status, but no further update other than that they received my application and its being processed.

I am worried as the Processing times on the website show around 4-5 months. It shows currently they are doing July 2018, means mine could take way longer than anticipated. I didn't imagine for renewal its gonna take this long.

My questions -

1. Can I still continue to work even if I dont get the renewed EAD card after Jan 8th 2019, as I got the receipt for my renewal?

2. Is there a way to expedite the application process? If so how?

3. How can we reach USCIS to know the exact status of my application?

Your response/ guidance would be of immense help.






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