EB3 - EB2 Porting Green card process and Impact on Marriage


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Below is my situation where i am kind of engaged and planning to get married in Feb 2012. Trying to understand the impact of getting married in FEB based on my current Immigration situation --

1) my I 94 is expiring in APRIL 2012 and may be another 7 months after April to complete 6 yrs.

2) Filing Labor in EB2 in OCT 2011 from current employer.

3) As i already have I 140 approved in EB3 (PD 2003) so when i file in EB2(will do porting from EB3 to EB2) may be have to go with Premium and have it approved and then file for extension of H1B based on that. (These are my thoughts only).

(i) Approxomtely when will i be filing my I 140 if everything goes well with Labor ?

(ii) Do i need to apply 485 ASAP after I 140 is approved as my PD will be Current ?

Understanding the above situation i was kind of looking for a ball park plan of my Green Card process so that i can fit in my Marraige plans with out any impact on Green Card/H1B Process.

Appreciate any thoughts !



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