H1B Transfer Before going to US and Stamping


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Is it possible and safe to switch company just after the H1B approval and before going to US. Can it be the case that the current employer which initially filed for the H1B ask for cancellation/revoke of H1B, and if it is the case then what needs to be done for transfer.

I got H1B approval from company A and after that i got a good offer from company B, so my question is; can i join the new company without affecting the H1B approval.? considering that i just got the H1B approval and have not done stamping yet.

Also what all documents i need to have in order to make the transfer.




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Were you able to get an answer on this? I am in a similar situation and seeking advise. Can transfer be done when you have approval but visa is not active? My previous company also withdrew the visa, which was never active. Can I still make a transfer and be cap-exempt?


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