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I got an online report of my driving record from the TX DMV and it does not show any traffic tickets. I know I have received traffic citations in the past - may be not in the past 3 years but I don't have the dates/ details?

Should I put NA in the N-400 form?

Is there a good source to get your past driving history/ citation information?


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As per N-400 instructions given by USCIS:

NOTE: You must submit documentation of traffic incidents if:
(1) The incident involved alcohol or drugs;
(2) The incident led to an arrest; or
(3) The incident seriously injured another person.
You do not need to submit documentation for traffic fines or incidents that did not involve an arrest or did not
involve drugs or alcohol, if the only penalty was a fine of less than $500 or points on your driving record.

If these conditions are not met, you don't need to mention on the form N400.


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7 hours ago, Sup-Recruitment said:

If these conditions are not met, you don't need to mention on the form N400.

WRONG! You don't need to provide documentation, but you still have to LIST it.

Please learn to understand the difference between the need to provide documentation vs. the requirement to list it. Thank you.

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A speeding ticket is a citation (look at the actual ticket, it says "citation"), and citations have to be listed. No but or if. Part 12, question 23: "Have you ever been arrested, cited, ..." A speeding ticket is a citation, so under point 29, you have to list it.  Period. End of story.

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