Upgrade from EB3 to EB2

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2 yrs back i have initiated my GC under EB3. Actually, my flow is like Bsc course/UG + 3 years experience + 3 years Msc course/PG + 3 years experience.

But, i have DISCARDED my Msc PG course from the documentation when initiating my GC and i sent only EXPERIENCE stuff/documents to attorney, there by they filed ONLY my experience stuff documentation.

Now, i want to UPGRADE my category from EB3 to EB2, now, am going with a new/different attorney.

Now, can i put my Msc PG course certificates? like as i mentioned above, i want to show/go with my original flow?

1) or do the USCIS will picks my OLD/first file of EB3 and compares current documentation of EB2....and then...questions that Why u did not put ur Msc degree? Why now you are keeping?

2) And to be honest, i lost that time documentation, i forgot wht i put that time...so, pls. let me know Do USCIS compares my OLD/first documentation with my current documentation?

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