Validity if Employment Contract & Non payment of wages

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I've signed a contract with an Indian staffing agency that states they have provided me with training and would require me to pay them 10000$ if I want to quit before 1 year/2080 work hours. From that point they've been paying me delayed wages, always making sure to withhold one month's pay. Right now, I'm working in August but have not received the pay for the month of July. I have got a very good full-time job offer from a reputed company and plan on leaving after the current contract with a 3rd party client ends in a couple of weeks. I would appreciate it if someone could advise me on the legal validity of such a contract and possible options to retrieve my deserved pay for all the hours I put in. I can provide excerpts from the contract if required.
Thank you. 

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And a "staffing agency can't file H1s, because there is no employer-employee relationship. You may be talking about a consulting company, but that's different from staffing agencies.

A consulting company has to be able to control your work. Stay away from fraud consulting companies who act like staffing agencies.

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