H1 Change of Amendment for address location


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One of my friend is employed with employer A. The employer A has placed my friend in the Client location for the work.

The Client location and H1b petition location are different. The employer has not filed for change of amendment wrt address. The employer is not filing the change of petition even after repetitively telling him/her

How will it affect the H1b  petition holder? Will it lead to any serious implications?



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@Rose567: Any material change from existing approved petition, an H1B amendment needs to be filed. Lookslike employer is escaping to file amendment and pushing your friend into risk, risk here is if an USCIS officer visits your friend's earlier work location and which they'll get to know that no more working in that location then they might approach employer which needs a strong justification from employer for the reason employee is not working in old location. These situations are little risky and cannot judge what happens when. Good Luck to your friend!!

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