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H4 COS+EAD+H1B EXTENSION my attorney left my spouse's h1b# blank on purpose?

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Hello I have a question but not sure any of you guys ever heard.... 

I'm right now doing my H4 COS+EAD+H1B EXTENSION in Premium. 

When I review my I765 form today I notice my attorney left Spouse H1B number. 
I was confused because that number should be the most important info in that form . 

My attorney said he was doing it on purpose because some USCIS clerk would have rookie mistake. 
for example if you put  your wife's current h1b number (which is expire 01/2019) you might get a funny EAD card which valid 9/2018-01/2019 
So he left this number in blank to make sure USCIS clerk approve my wife's new H1B first then use the new H1B's valid date as my EAD's valid date. 

what he said is Kind of make sense... but is it really necessary to leave that important number in blank? ? 

It's a very big deal for my family...  anyone has the same suggestion as my attorney's? 

Thanks a lot!

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Yes, it is completely OK to leave the field blank as your spouse is applying for the H1B extension at the same time (concurrent filing). I have had the same question and multiple people have confirmed their attorneys doing the same.

I think you are in good hands.

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