PERM In process and Max Out Date


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Hi Expert,

   My perm filed on 20 May 2018 . My I94 Date : 29 May 2018.  I am having 45 days of vacation and I am planning 45 days vacation more.  I am looking for option.

PERM status : In Progress. 


If PERM Approve in 30 days well and good if I get RFE or denial what are option I have.....

1.  Instead of 45 days, plan a long vacation like 4 month till your PERM get approve. at least I will have more time to stay.

2.  Wait and watch, I am having enough time to get PERM approved. 





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Did you mean I94 date is May 2019? or Sept 2018?  29 May 2018 doesn't make since it's already expired.

If its May 2019, they you may have sufficient time if it goes into audit. Audit dates currently have a 8 month lag (Jan 2018). You can always travel before May 2019, and recapture all the time, if you eventually feel the need for some buffer.


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