Two Arrest Records in India H1-Visa Help DS-160


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I have received an offer from US university to perform research for a period of 3 years. However, I have the following two false cases that were registered but subsequently dismissed from the court.

1. Crime under sections IPC498(A) (4&6 sections) -Case filed by my wife due to a marital discord and subsequently dismissed in court. We had an out-of-court settlement. The high court quashed the criminal case and the lower court dismissed the case as well. I was in judicial custody (jail) for 6 days as under-trial prisoner.

2. Crime under sections IPC 447 (criminal trespass), 506 (criminal intimidation). This case was filed by my tenant in collusion with the local Police station. The reason was that we had filed an eviction suit against him and he was trying to intimidate us using this case. This case was also withdrawn by the other party after out-of-court settlement and dismissed officially in court. I surrendered in PS and got out on bail the same day.

My questions are:

1. Should I mention these cases in DS-160 form for H1-B application?

2. What are the consequences if I mention them as against not mentioning them?

3. Does the consulate have record of these cases? The FIRs in both cases have my name mis-spelt.

My passport was not impounded neither was any entry made with the passport office. My initial impression is too not to lie on the DS-160 since both cases were subsequently withdrawn upon mutual compromise.

Kindly let me know,

Thank you in Advance,


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