H1 visa status.

lokesh challa

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My H1 expired on jan 1st and i appiled for h1 extention for client 1 in 2017 december and got receipt on jan 1st.then i moved to new location with new client ..here i have got RFE for the h1 extention and all documnets asked related to client 1.then we submited evidence .july 14 the status changed to required docs received .  240 days will over by end of aug. SO we have did premium with new pettition in consular vida h1 b process.

Now we got rfe for new petition also  and we got masggege in rfc like,,,

USCIS records indicate a petition got nonimmigtration work field on jan remaining pending.
final actiono cannot be taken on this instance pettion filed on june .requesting an extension of stay for lokesh untill a final decision is made on the pending petition

in order to procedd with istant petition .yo u need to submit evedence of the final decision for the pending petition granting the beneficiary present employee/employer relationship.


how can i proceed here ?

once i submit ref for instatance petition then due to this instance petition is premium then did they move first case then USCIA look into consularpetion?

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