Can we travel to US on a B2 visa for medical treatment though the visa was originally approved for tourism?


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My in-law's have B2 visa which was approved last year based on tourism. They have never travelled to US till now.

He got diagnosed with a cancer recently, that has no cure/treatment in India, so we are looking at some Clinical trial options available in US. My question is whether they can travel now on the same visa stating at the port of entry that they are here for medical treatment and provide all the necessary documentation from the clinics or do we need to apply B2 visa again and appear for interview?

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A b2 visa can be used for medical treatment. 

They should be prepared to provide evidence of funds availability if asked to do so at POE. CBP looks out for visitors at risk of becoming a public charge to US taxpayers. Travelers medical insurance likely won't cover pre-existing conditions. 

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