Visit India while change of status to H4 is pending

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I have a J1 visa and I have sent an application for the change of status to H4. However, I would like to visit my family now. My J1 visa will expire this month and I do not think with the current time frame I will get a confirmation for my H4 status this month. Can I still visit India and apply for a re-entry from the consulate based on a new H4 visa? 


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Your J1 visa expires next month, not this month, according to a previous post; please stick to one fact. 

USCIS is horribly backlogged due to the huge number of applications received. As a H1b spouse, you are free to travel to India and apply for a H4 visa at the US Consulate in Calcutta or another. Be aware once you exit the US, your COS will be deemed abandoned. 

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