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Situation – Filed GC in EB2 (India) about 8 years ago as a Mechanical Engineer –SOC code 17-2141.00. I -485 is pending for last 6 years. Working on EAD.

Now I see an engineering manager opportunity with designation as engineering manager in same organization but different department. My new role will have combination of individual contributor role and managerial responsibilities with engineers reporting to me. I wonder if it’s a problem if I accept the role from green card stand point.

I understand that there is different SOC code for managerial role but won’t my new designation would be considered as a normal career progression? . Details on SOC code 17-2141.00 do have couple statements  saying ' performing personnel functions such as supervision or engineers and technicians'.

I would appreciate your thoughts.

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SOC code needs to be same or similar. If you are doing similar jobs, you should be able to explain that during interview. Still, it is wise to hire an attorney for consultation. I am in same boat, actually far similar to your case but few years behind 🙂

May I ask how is that your I-485 is pending for 6 years? That's far beyond typical timeline. Something happened after application? What is PD?

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