Timeline for I-485


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Background: My priority date is Feb 15 (date when labor was filed). I am from Pakistan and have filed under EB-2 (I have Masters). I know my priority date is current. I have already filed for 485 (Receipt date is June 14).


1) When shall I expect to receive the work permit (765 approval) and travel document (I filed for 765,485,and travel document altogether and have received recipts for all as well)? I know it is taking about 4 months of processing time for 485.

2) What could delay my 485 processing time beyond the 4 month current processing time?

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The USCIS generally processes EADs and APs in 3 months. There are various factors which can contribute to the delay of the processing of an I-485 application including but not limited to: additional background and/or security checks, the USCIS suspects fraud and/or misrepresentation, the applicant has a criminal issue, the I-485 filing is missing certain information and/or documentation, the USCIS cannot read an applicant's fingerprints, the applicant has filed multiple I-485s.

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