LCA Original Lost, I140 Approval Issue


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Here is my issue. I am in 6th Year of my H1 and it is going to end in September 2011.

My Attorney mailed the LCA for signature to a wrong address and it was lost. So, he filed for my I140 with a xerox copy in August 2010 in regular processing. But still the status of my I140 is in Initial Review. Last month he applied for a duplicate copy of LCA and also upgraded my I140 to PP. But the PP was rejected since I do not have the original LCA and I can apply for I140 PP only after I get my Original LCA Document.

Now I need to file for H1 Extension. Can anyone please let me know how many days does it take to get the duplicate LCA and also for how many years will I get for H1?

Also, is there a way I can speed up the process for getting the LCA.

Attorney please help.

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Hi all, my I-140 was filed in August 2011 and it has been over 16 months that I have been waiting, yet the status shows Received on Aug XXX and is in progress. About 2 months back, my attorney tried to upgrade to Premium processing. But, it still shows the same old status, so upon following up with my attorney again, I was told that the USCIS were able to locate my original LCA but it has not been moved to premium processing unit, so once they move it, then the premium status will be reflected on the website. This was a month back info and yet it has not moved. I am completely baffled as to what is happening in my, when I try to contact my attorney or my employer, I don't get any response. It is so frustrating to be in the dark waiting for this upgrade for so long. Can some one suggest me what I should be doing please ? Any help in this greatly appreciated.

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