Successful H1B stamping at Ciudad Juarez


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Hi folks, I am posting this behalf of a friend who got his stamping done yesterday at Ciudad Juarez which is next to El Paso, TX. Majority of posts here are for 221g's so I thought this might help a little.

Questions asked:

- Why did you come so far for stamping? (He lives in Milwaukee, WI)

A: I couldn't find appointments anywhere else on a short notice and I have some family in Texas.

- Show me all your Degree certificates from grade 10 to Engineering.

A: Showed everything.

- Give me client, vendor and employer letters

A: Showed

Your visa is approved, we have a consulate holiday tomorrow(Today) so you'll get your passport on Thursday.

Thats it. He was very worried seeing all the 221g posts but still took a chance. He works in a E-V-C model.

He is not a member here, if any of you have more questions.. feel free to ask.

PS: He didnt see a single H1 applicant during the 6-7 hours he spent at the consulate.

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i know it is hectic to reply back . But i am sure you know how people looking inthis site are awaiting for reply . Can you please email me on with you contact so we have have a quick 2 min chat . Would really appreciate it.Thanks.

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