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Wise to stay in Non-Exempt (better work) or Cap-Exempt (less pay)

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How do you transfer from Cap-exempt to non-exempt? Is it a wise decision to move (given current situations) since non-exempt company has better work in my case.
Also for my future prospects, if I plan to move to a non-exempt company; how will I get an employer (except for consultancies which do not give good chances of H1 approval) who files H1 visa prior to me joining to the company and also wait for a couple of months for me to even start working (April to October).
Please give your experience details on moving from Cap-exempt to Non-Exempt.

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There is no easy way to change from a cap exempt to a non cap exempt unless you were counted in the quota already. If the cap exempt H1 is your first then it is mandatory that you find a company that can apply for your H1 in the quota in April and wait 6 months for you to start in October (none would do it practically unless it is a consultancy of some sort).

This is based on my understanding. i will let the experts confirm.



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