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I have a gc and had applied for I-130 for my wife. She was on H1B, she is now on F1.

The I-130 was approved in Jan with a Priority Date of July 2008. I believe my case falls in F2A category. I see in the latest bulletin that the current date is Apr 2010.

I complete the time requirement for citizenship application in Apr 2011.

1. Am I reading the categories correctly? Is it correct that my wife is eligible for a visa number?

2. If so, should I wait till I become a citizen and then apply for a GC as spouse of US citizen or should I just apply directly for her based on the I-130.

3. If I do need to file for I-130, what is my next step.

Thanks for your help.

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Your wife has been eligible and a visa number has been waiting for her for the last two months. You wasted two months but it is never late. The first thing you need to do is to call NVC National Visa Center to get your case number. I am surprised that you have been notified by NVC via an email regarding the next step. Normally. NVC should have sent en email requesting two payments: 1 is for the AOS Affidavit Of Support and 2 is the invoice for visa application process. Both payments have to be done online. You need to have a bank account with a checking or saving account. You won't be able to make that payment without an email from NVC and without the NVC case number as well as the invoice number that come with the email. Remember to provide your email and your wife's email when you call NVC asking for your case number. Once you make a payment is cleared, things should move fast from there. You are required to mail 3 copies of your TAX RETURN and/IRS transcript of the last 3 years, 6 Checks stub, a letter from your employer and AOS filed and signed in blue by you the petitioner. While doing that you need to call you wife and urge her to prepare some documents (two photos, a copy of her passport, her birth certificate and yours, marriage certificate) Your wife needs also to fill the DS 230 form and print as well as sign in it in blue. If she doesn't know English she will need to help filling the forms. Then ask her to translate the other documents in English at an office suggested by the US embassy in your country. Check their website to get their name and address as well as telephone number. Once all the documents are ready, make sure your wife put everything in one package and mail it to you via DHL Express or FEDEX then she can call you on the phone to tell you about the DHL TRACK NUMBER in order to track the package. Once you get the package open it and verify that every piece of document is there and everything is signed

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YOU DON"T NEED A LAWYER. IF you know how to read and write in English, it is pretty simple. Your situation is easier since your wife is already in the USA. Don't need the embassy involvement but you need to contact NVC as soon as possible by phone 603 334 0700.......It is busy all the time but don't give till you get through.......Good luck

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