H1B Visa Fraud

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I was born in Chicago IL; however, when I was 5 I moved back to my dads home country Greece.  But after the crisis started I decided to move back to the US to look for employment.  My resume only showed Greek employment.  I was hired by a company that I later found out that out of the 12 people working in the office most were H1B visa holders and some were illegally residing in the US.  I think in the beginning they thought that I was an illegal resident as well due to my resume.  However, after they found out that both my parents were American they started bulling me so I would quit.  As I was technically new to the country I had no idea what was going on.  There were very few if any other US citizens working at their company both in their office and warehouse.  Also, the employer was bringing in people from her country of origin even though their degrees had nothing to do with the work the company performed.  I have reported them to ICE, but I am wondering if I have any another rights or protections.  Thank you in advance for any replies. 

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Well screws in my car, threats of termination, not giving me my vacation, not paying time and a half for over time, extreme deadlines, not giving me a lunch and much more, it would actually take pages to mention everything.  I find your comment of adults not being able to be bullied as ignorant and frankly a bit immature and not in contact with the real world.  And finding other work is not always so easy, I ended up having to leave Chicago and losing my apartment and withdrawing from college.  The H1B visas are online, and I know for a fact that one person was illegally residing as he told me.

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3 hours ago, pontevecchio said:

How does one "bull" an adult.?.  Was the company kind enough to show you the personnel records and Immigration status of workers? You have the right to report suspected illegal activity. ICE will investigate. You have the right to get another job.

Poster was likely going for 'bullied'. Adults can be bullied. That seems to be the current trend, and look no farther than cable news channels. 

OP- Did you happen to find out the employees' country of origin or their visa status?  It is an obligation to report suspect/illegal employer and employees to ICE at Immigration.reply@dhs.gov, or call them at 1-866-347-2423. Provide them all the facts/information you might have. 

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On 4/19/2018 at 5:10 PM, athliberatos said:

I think in the beginning they thought that I was an illegal resident as well due to my resume.

Hmm, you had to fill out Form I-9, everybody who is employed in the US has to. That means an employer knows that you are legal to work. So, your assumption is clearly wrong.

And you don't know the status of other employees. Employee records are confidential.

If you got bullied, you can try suing the company. That has nothing to do with immigration.

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 I find your post to be a bit puzzling. Illegal Immigrants can be bullied, bulled subject to harsh treatment by people and so on. As a Citizen, you have many protections including consulting a labor lawyer about your predicament , filing a police complaint and so on. You could have left instead of having to face such treatment. Welcome to the work scenario in the USA. Very little vacation, extreme deadlines are par for the course. Lunch is not an entitlement  and you could have brought your own. You are making vague allegations in a forum under the cloak of anonymity and demonstrating the immaturity of youth . You thought there was something illegal going on and complained about it. Now You have the opportunity of looking for a job more suited to your talents. Immaturity is the hallmark of youth and you will grow out of it. Best of luck and hopefully you will lose the chip on your shoulder and become part of the real world.


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