change in role from Engineer to Supervisor role same company require restart PERM/I-140?

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I’m currently employed as Sr. Software Engineer on H1 B from last few years and getting opportunity to move to different state as Director role in same company. I’ve approved I-140 (with priority date 01/2010) and new role would require to perform similar responsibilities as before with additional responsibilities of supervision of few engineers. I’ve approved/stamped H1-B till 07/2019.

  1. Would filling H1-B amendment for location change required ? Can H1-B extension be applied at same time with amendment?
  2. Considering new position is in same team (different location) and may be less than 50% change of responsibilities, would I be asked or should be ready to prepare additional proof for experience to be able justify switch to Director role?
  3. Company lawyer mentioned that it may needed to file PERM/I-140 process again, Can this step be avoided if change of responsibilities less than 50%?
  4. Could there be any issues for PERM process or capturing previous priority date due to change in SOC code?

 It will really help me making this decision to avail this career opportunity, appreciate all insights and expert answers on this situation.


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