Can I enter USA using stamping on one petition and Approval notice from another employer??

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Hi All,

This is a rather big post. I have been in the US for 3yrs on H1B visa. I changed employer after moving to the US. I have a valid/approved I-797 from my current employer until June 2019. I work on EC model. I recently came to for stamping and received 221g (blue slip). Before coming to India I received a full-time offer from a fortune 500 company and they were ready to transfer my visa. As, I didn't hear anything from the consulate for almost a month, I spoke to the new employer's attorney and they said I can get my H1B transferred while I am in India, but it has to be through consular notification. All said and done, my new employer has started the H1B transfer and I got the approval with-in a week. A few days back, I received an email from consulate asking for the MSA between my employer and the Client. My current employer has already responded to the consulate's request by submitting all the required documents.

My question is, since I gave notice to my current employer, what if the consulate asks me to submit my passport for stamping?? Can I travel to US with my current employer's stamping and new employer's approval notice and offer letter??

Your help/advice would be highly appreciated.


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