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Hi ,

I have question regarding my H1B visa.

I am doing full time in copany A but for some reasons Company A did not file my H1B and compnay B filed it in 2017 in future employment base but it got denied and they had opened MTR and its still in process.

This year in 2018 2 other employers company X and company Y are filing my H1B while still MTR is in Process.

My problem is these 2 employers have different Job oppertunities which is different form what i am working now and they asked me to prepare resume accordingly. My question is.

1) What the chances of USCIS comparing all three resumes?

2) As all the 3 resumes are different but client and employer details are same with all the original dates. Will this be an issue in processing my H1B if its picked in lottery?

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When you say "different resumes" how different are they? As long as it reflects your authentic work experience with minor tweaks, I dont think it should matter. If there is foul play, its only fair that your petition gets denied. Would USCIS will find out?.. noone can know for sure. Its like asking "will I get caught if I shoplift?"

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