Mistake on PWD for Perm


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Apparently my companies attorney filed for PWD yesterday. She had sent me an email asking for proof of proficiency from my previous employer (verification letter). going through that i realized that, due to some miss communication, one specific tool that is use at my current company has been mentioned as a requirement, and she needs proof of proficiency for that tool. At my previous company I used a similar tool but from different vendor.

Has any one before been in this situation?

what are the possible resolutions to the matter?

Should they just restart the process or can a correction be filed with DOL?

your inputs will be greatly appreciated, i am worried and she has gone on a vocation..


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It's hard from your email to know exactly what the situation is with your case. If your employer has defined the requirements needed for the position and it does not include the specific tool, then the tool is not what your employer requires as a job duty. If the tool is missing that you know is needed, you may want to discuss this matter with your employer so that they can relay the information to the attorney as needed.

Should you have case-specific questions in regard to your case, I recommend that you consult with a knowledgeable immigration attorney.

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