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Hi, I have a question around change of employers in EAD.  I filed for Adjustment of Status in March 2012, (EB2).
I have been renewing EAD since then every 2 years. I am currently employed by Employer B who acquired Employer A after AOS was filed. Employer B is not involved in my green card although they have been holding my H-1B.
I am now considering employment with Employer C and they will not transfer my H-1B. So I'll be taking employment using my EAD. Are there any steps I need to take around this? I would like to understand if there are any risks by me changing employer with EAD.

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I'm not sure if Employer B agreed/refused to honor the successor in interest principle. But they have been renewing H-1B using the I-140 approved using Employer A. 

Glad to hear I can change jobs in the same field as my AOS has been pending more than 6 months. I'll be taking employment with Employer C only with EAD. (but employer C will not do H-1 transfer, so I am giving up my H-1 by switching to Employer C).  I did confirm with lawyer that it's same/similar occupation.

Are there any legal documents I would need to file around it?  My lawyer said that I don't have to file but if USCIS asks for documentation when my PD gets current, we can provide then.  Is that ok?  



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