Emergeny Plesae! Your help is highly appreciated - DS160 oversyay question - My finger print is scheduled for tomorrow

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My I-94s is expired on September 07, 2017. MY employer filed a timely H1-B extension and it is denied on 02/23/2018. However, i did not know about the denial at this point. My case status is updated in USCIS case status tool on 02/27/2018. I immediately booked my return tickets and left USA on the very next day, that is on 02/28/2018. after I left, my employer received the denial notice on 03/02/2018.

In DS-160, there is a question that asks about visa overstay or unlawful presence. As per the suggestion from my tourney, I answered this question as "No" and booked Visa appointment at Hyderabad. Tomorrow is my biometric and day after tomorrow is my visa appointment. 

I am not sure if "No" is the correct answerer for Visa overstay question in my case. I am in panic now. If I have to correct this answer, I have time till tomorrow morning (I can create a new DS160 and take it for biometric).

please suggest what should be my answer for Visa overstay question in DS160. Any hep is highly appreciated. thanks a lot for your response.


Thank you.
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