Need Suggestion on H1B RFE


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My name is Karthi, i did MSc computer science and i have 12 years of experience in software industry. In 2017 my H1B picked in the lottery but unfortunately i  got the following questions as RFE. Can anyone help me on this please?

Here are my RFE questions:

•    A detailed statement about why it is necessary to have a degree for the position and how the degree applies to the position
•    A list of relevant coursework and an explanation of why the courses are relevant to the job duties
•    A description of the job duties and responsibilities broken down by percentage (weekly or monthly averages are fine)
•    Documentary evidence that others in the position also have a bachelor’s degree in a related field (such as an employee list).  Please include a specification of the type of degree held or required with this documentation (e.g. “Bachelor of Science in Computer Science” rather than “Bachelor” or “Bachelor of Science”)
•    Past and/or current job announcements for the position
•    The original job requisition (RR) that employee responded to






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9 hours ago, karthi27 said:

A reputed company sponsored my Visa. Will you provide any service on my RFE?

We are lay people posting here, not affiliated with the Murthy law firm.

If you want help from the Murthy law firm, their email address is under the "Contact us" button on top of each forum page.

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