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Applying perm during last year - using recapture time to extend one more year

I have my H1b expiring in Feb 2019, my perm will be filed on Apr 2018. I can recapture vacation days close to 3 months in the last 5 years. If Incase the process delays to get the perm approval. Can I use this recapture time that will bring the dates to May 2019 and get one more year extension. 

My question here is 
Do I need to file two extensions, one to recapture time and after getting it should I request for additional year since my perm would be pending more than 365 days at this point? Or is there a way to get both processed in a single request (recapture time + 1 year extension)

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I believe you would have to file two extensions. The 1-year extension based on the Pending PERM can only be filed after your PERM has been pending for 365 days, which is April 2019. But to stay in status between Feb'19 to Apr'19 and not have to leave the country, you will have to file the recapture time extension.

I would wait till the last advisable moment to file the 3-month extension, just to give enough time for the PERM to clear.

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