Forgot to disclose additional incident - need help

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Hi ,

My i-485 (based on derivative Spouse) just got accepted today by USCIS . In the application , I have already answered "Yes" to following questions :

25. Have you EVER been arrested, cited, charged or detained by law enforcement official?

26. Have EVER committed any crime of any kind?

27 . Have EVER committed crime of any kind?

This was related to a speeding citation and I did explain the the situation in Additional Information section. 

HOWEVER, there was another speeding ticket ($95) which I received in National park (Federal Property) which I forgot to mention in the Additional Information section .

Please note that both the incidents were related to speeding only and fine for none of them was above $500 and there was no arrest or fingerprinting of any sort.

Question :
1. Will this cause an RFE ?
2. Will this cause a denial of the application?
3. How can I provide information in advance to already submitted application so that I do not receive any RFE or Denial of any sort?
4. If the derivative Spouse application is denied, can the principle applicant still have his application approved ?

Thanks for your response.

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