H1B transfer and stamping

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Hi I have an approved h1B petition and never went for stamping.I only have 797 C copy which was given by company A.

1.Is it mandatory to have 797 A/B copy to transfer the petition from Company A to B? Company B is not able to do the transfer without 797 A/B.I'm not getting I 797 A/B from company A.

2.The other option I'm thinking of is to go for stamping with documents given by company A.But if I get 221g, company A won't support it. In that case can I just withdraw visa application? In future if any other company is willing to transfer the petition, will that have any issues considering the fact that I got 221g earlier?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.TIA.

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1. Receipt number should be good enough, But if you want the approval copy, you can also get it thru FOIA request?

Which company are you currently employed with? A/B/ or some other?

Is A's petition your initial H1B? And A might have already withdrawn the petition if A no longer needs you to fill the position for which H1B was filed.

Assuming you are out of USA,, B cannot file for your H1B transfer , which is a cap-exempt.


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