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My employer has revoked my H1B petition and I received revocation email notification from USCIS on Feb 20, 2018. My I94 is valid till Sep 25, 2018. what is the grace period in this case. Can you please advice if I can transfer to new employer who can sponsor my Visa. If a new employer files a H1B transfer, can I start working at client location on receipt number (normal or premium processing)

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I am not sure about that, but they are not admitting that they revoked my petition till date. 

I could think that they were under impression that my project was going to complete by the end of last month or I may change employer, and I am not going to generate revenue for them hence revoked petition.

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12 hours ago, kKumarp94 said:

Thank you for your reply. I am wondering if Visa revocation is different from layoff, or in either cases 60 days grace period is applicable.

The employer by law has to inform USCIS if you no longer work there, which results in revocation of the H1. So, the layoff would be before the H1 is revoked. The employer of course would have informed you of the layoff. For you, and for the grace period, only the day of layoff matters.

In fraud cases, USCIS can revoke H1s on their own. In such cases, you likely won't have any grace period.

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Thank you for your help! Could you please help with me the following

Given my situation where H1B petition is revoked, I am working with employers who are ready to sponsor my visa. Could you please advise if two different employers can file H1B petition.

Will USCIS accept and process two different H1B petitions from two different employers almost around the same time.

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