Help needed on Cross Chargeability!!


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I got my PERM approved last week under EB2. I am an Indian Citizen born in India but my wife is an Indian citizen born in Nigeria. Planning to use cross-chargeability.

The question is, should I apply I-140/I-485 concurrently to use cross-chargeability?. My consultant company layer is not confident about

cross-chargeability. So I would like to hire some other attorney (Murthy) as I don’t want to take any chances.

I am not sure my company will allow me to hire a diff attorney for I-140(my company pays the expenses), in that case I am thinking of getting the I-140 under premium processing with my company attorney and hire a diff attorney for the I-485( I have to pay the expenses) for cross-chargeability. is that Ok to have two diff attorneys for I-140 and I-485? Experts, what do you suggest?

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Thanks Belle.. We have decided to go with the second option.i.e apply I-140 under premium, later I-485. Do we have to add my wife information (Country of Birth etc) while apply for I-140, I could see one section in I-140 form for that but my attorney didnt collect any family member information from me for I-140 application. Did he miss that part ? Please respond..

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