H4 : Contract end during Maternity Leave

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I am currently doing a contracting job. I have been employed by XYZ Vendor and doing a contract with client ABC.

I informed Vendor XYZ and Client ABC about my pregnancy leave and went on Pregnancy leave. 

After 2 weeks in my pregnancy leave, I was informed that my contract is not being extended.

Is this fair on the client ABC. Isn't this discriminating? Do I have any rights? Is there anything I could do?

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I believe it depends on your employer's work place rules and policies.  If you are still on your employer's payroll and getting paid, then it is fair.  If you are not getting paid then you can file a complaint against your employer. I am not sure if client is liable for not extending the contract.  It depends on terms between the client and your employer.  Did you sign any contract and agreed for terms directly with client?  If so, then check your contract document.

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