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My employer recently file H1 B Amendment for new location. there is no change in work/ project and employer and my previous h1 b petition is approved till 2019 with same employee, few days back I got RFE, Please find details below:-" the prevailing wage source listed above appears to be an independent authoritative source; however, the evidence of the record is insufficient to establish that the occupation listed is the independent authoritative source is comparable to the proffered position, as such, you have not demonstrated that LCA corresponds with Proffered position."

You may submit additional evidence to satisfy this requirement. Evidence may include, but is not limited to:-

1. A copy of the prevailing wage survey for the occupation, as published by the authoritative source, covering the area of intended employment. the prevailing wage survey must provide an explanation of the occupational taxonomy and must represent the occupation across the entire industry;

While searching on Google, I didn't see this type of RFE question for H1 B amendment.  Did anyone in this forum get similar RFE for amendment? Is this RFE general in nature ?  Seeing recent results,  I am little bit worried what will happen to my petition. My Employer is working on to respond the RFE questions.  I'll ll appreciate if some attorney  or experienced members in this forum can give some guidance  Or feedback .



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