Day 1 CPT before OPT Expires and Chances of COS denial for H1-B

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Hi Readers,
I am currently working fulltime and my current OPT is expiring in June 2018 and my employer is filing for H1-B this year (Apr 2018). I want to understand the possible options I have from now on to continue my Status in USA without violating any rules like CPT abuse which makes my COS to be rejected. Could someone please guide me on each of the below situations.

The University which I am seeking to join considers Day 1 CPT as an Integral part of the Course work.

1)  What happens to my COS if I join a new college for Summer intake in May 2018 and transfer my SEVIS to the new university with the SAME EMPLOYER when I am in STEM OPT ? As my current SEVIS details(from my CPT university) are not included in my H1-B petition sent to USCIS in April, would this cause in any confusion to the USCIS case examiners resulting in COS denial ? 
2) What precautions do I need to take inorder to make myself safe from COS denial if I continue to work with same employer in OPT and in day 1 CPT ? Anything like change in work location or change in project helps ?
3) What are the various university options I have for a June Intake which offers Day 1 CPT ?

Could some one please answer my questions as I am in a state of bother on what needs to be done in this situations. Thanks everyone for taking time and reading all the posts and helping  fellow students. Thanks alot !!

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