H1B Cap-Gap when filed multiple H1 with different employers

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I am currently on my OPT-Extension which is going to expire on July 13th 2018..

I am filing multiple H1B with different employers and one is through my Full-time employer(That I am working with at the moment)..

My Question: Say I am eligible for a cap-gap through a different employer(abc company let's say). Can I still work with my full-time employer(with the Cap-Gap that I got through abc company) until my H1B gets approved through that abc company? Or I cannot? 

Feel free to correct me in any direction of my thought-process. 

Thanks A lot

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As per USCIS rules, you can't file the multiple H1b applications on different employers. If both applications picked in the lottery it will be a mess and you may get rejections. A lot of changes are coming on H1b (3rd Party work site)  and  Please talk to your current employer's lawyers.

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