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I have recently secured admission to a few b schools for the Fall 18 session. None are iveys or top 20's . But they are all good schools and all are awarding me scholarship to the tune of 70-100 percent. I have narrowed it down to either the University of Maryland or the Arizona State University.

Incidentally, I have a real sister who is a green card holder. She went to the US in 2005 to pursue her masters and thereafter secured employment and has been settled there ever since with my brother in law and two kids. My brother in law was also a student at the same school as my sister and that is how they met. He was also an Indian student there.

I wanted to know whether my sister's presence in the states as an immigrant shall be an impediment towards me securing a US student visa. A little background - both my parents are doctors and between the ages of 65-70. They mutually own three immovable properties here- two in New Delhi and one in Kolkata. Also given the scholarship, I am not having to avail a loan. The total cost inclusive of living expenses, for the entire two years is less than INR 30 lakh.

Please intimate me regarding my chances of securing an f1 visa. Will my sister's presence in the states hamper my chances? If yes then is there anything I can do to fortify my application against the said hurdle?


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