Query on L1B, PED, I94 and I129S


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Hello Team,

In my case PED and I94 are 14/Dec/2018, My L1B visa Exp on 26/Mar/2020 and my I129S valid until 05/Feb/2020.

I would like to know the answers for the following questions

1. whether I should go for an extension before 14/Dec/2018 since my I94 and PED on this date?

2. Should I go for an extension before my I129 expiry date (PED is about 1 year and 4 months prior to it as mentioned above)?

3. Am I eligible to get new I94 if I go out of country and comes back in before my PED and I94 end date of 14/Dec/2018.

4. Am I eligible to work until my I129 valid date of 05/Feb/2020 without extension with new I94 (If I am allowed come into US).  


Your help is very much appreciated.



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