Questions about h4 visa application (& specific questions about applying after registered marriage, before ceremony)

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I am an h-1b visa holder, working in the US, with h-1b stamping in my passport. I plan on getting married soon in India and have a few questions about procuring h4 dependent visa for my spouse. 

1) We plan on registering our marriage as soon as I get to India and my spouse would go for her visa interview following that immediately. We plan on having the actual ceremony/reception at a later date and would like to get done with the visa interview before that. Is this ok? Is registering our marriage sufficient to get my spouse her h4 visa or would they ask any additional details such as wedding pictures, albums etc.? 

2) Since I already have my h-1b visa, would my spouse go alone for her h4 visa interview or is there an option for me to accompany her?

3) What are general documents required and questions to prepare for the h4 interview? ( I know I am being lazy and not using Google or reading other posts on this forum :), if I could get some quick pointers or links on this topic that would be great!) 


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