First time H1B stamping - canada or India?


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I need some help in deciding which country is better for approaching an H1B stamping in October 1st week.

My current situation:

Masters from US in 2003- 2005

Switched to H1B with Emp A in DEC 2005

Switched to Emp B in June 2006 - Fulltime with Major Consulting firm

Switched to EMP C in May 2008 after layoff and this company filed for bankruptcy.

Switched to EMP D in Oct 2009 - Labor and i140 Approved.

My client is the same from the period i joined EMP C with one layer (Client - Vendor - Employer)and the vendor agreed to make contract with any company whom I want to work with.

I am currently on 6th year of H1B and my 7th year extension got approved only for 1 year in-spite of having i140 approved.

I need some advise on which country and consulate will best match the current pattern as well my situation. I am currently based in NJ/NY. I am planning for Canada/Toronto or India/Hyderbad/Chennai/kolkata.

Any suggestion or guidance is highly appreciated.


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It seems like your work model is EVC.

The best suggestion is not to go out of the US at this time for stamping. It doesn't matter if it is Canada or India. There is a very high risk of 221g. Even if all the docs are proper, they might put you under processing to verify all that information (client,vendor,etc) which will take ages.

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