Money earned from hobby on H1B


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A friend of mine is worried about money he has been making through his hobby while on H1B. He also has some web presence. 

He has been informed by a colleague that he can be reported to ICE and deported. Is that true? Is there anything he can do to fix the situation? He is very worried about getting deported.






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It is illegal to work without filing new 1-129 filed for second job . If he has got any W2 earning for his 2nd job (hobby) he is at risk. As him to consult some good attorney asap. I know many doing similar in the past thinking its 1099 but hear ICE are looking out to prove them wrong. Watch out. 

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Simply put : This is the guideline -

Hobby incomes are one of the biggest $ amounts that remain hidden and many individuals do not report it. Reason being, it's been neglected by IRS for a long time. Being on H1B and Hobby income is just another "Risk" to the status and one in this situaion must work on minimizing the risk.


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