dismissed expunged misdemeanor c, what can be expected on visa amendment or extension

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I'm on H1 visa. I had a dv misdemeanor c case for which under plea bargain I accepted the a property damage charge. Upon completion of my probation, my cased was deferred, dismissed and now expunged too. Now my visa has gone for amendment and it's been six months and I have received no response. Now I'm due for my visa extension as well. Now everyone is receiving RFEs on their visa processes, so I'm wondering what i can expect now?  

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         I have a similar case where I was accused of misdemeanor child abuse in NC. The charge against me was that I left my children home alone for 25 min.

  While the class of misdemeanor in NC was A1, according to federal law it is a class B misdemeanor. I was asked to attend childcare classes and the case  was dismissed. I did not admit any charges, but the dismissal statement said that the charge was dismissed because I attended childcare classes.

      I have filed for expungement of the record. Please let me know on the following

  • Can this charge be considered as a CIMT?
  • Will this charge make me inadmissible the next time I go to out of US and try to come back?

    I discussed this case with an immigration lawyer and his replies were non-committal and so asking the question in this forum. 


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Sorry, I had not seen your replies to this thread for some time. 

With regard to the 25 minutes, Police took it from the time they arrived at my home till the time my wife took to open the door of my home.

I will PM you the background of the case.


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