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Shri Ram

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I worked with an Employer "PE" on H1B, the Employer extended my VISA and I94 valid till Aug 2019.  I resigned and joined an another employer/consultancy "CE" based on a new H1B transfer receipt on Oct 2017, i still yet to receive my approval which was my biggest mistake. I now got a RFE from USCIS for the Employer "CE".  In meantime, my previous employer "PE" has revoked my visa on Nov 2017. 

I came to know that my current employer is not taking seriously on RFE's and even the recent RFE was because of lack of document  and i do a see lot mistakes made in the LCA/H1 document preparation by my current employer "CE". I have three question

1) At this situation, Can I able to apply H1B with an another employer and switch to another employer once I get approval based on the above situation ? Is it Legal ?

2) If my RFE is denied by USCIS, can i change another employer as my I94 is still valid till Aug 2019 (which i got from my previous employer "PE" ?

3) Can I prepare RFE with another Law Firm like Murthy LAw firm and respond to USCIS as i do not have confident on my current employer "CE" 

Please could someone reply me, i m feeling nervous and disturbed



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So even with my H1B revoked by my previous employer and with a RFE for my current H1B, I can still go ahead and ask a new employer to file for a h1b and get it approved to join the new company.

Some of the HR were not ready to take because they think that i am out of status even though my I94 is valid till Sep 2019. I dont know how to explain them that they are in wrong assumption.

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