H1b non compete agreement


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I currently work for employer X. I work on EVVC model -  i.e. My employer  Prime Vendor -> Client.

Client is offering me full time and I have singed Non-complete agreement which is mentioned below. 

"For a period of two (2) year following the date of termination of this Agreement, for any reason by either party, EMPLOYEE will not directly or indirectly, or through a “Competitor” of the EMPLOYER, provide or attempt to provide (or advise others of the opportunity to provide), and/or sell or market any services to a “Client” of the EMPLOYER without the specific “Written Consent” of the EMPLOYER.

a “Competitor” of the EMPLOYER shall include any individual, partnership, joint venture, association, limited liability company or other entity, which is at the time engaged wholly or partly, in the business of computer systems analysis, research, consulting, documentation, design, programming, contract programming, testing, systems implementation or computer software consulting.

a “Client” shall mean any entity with which the EMPLOYER is currently doing business or any entity with which the EMPLOYER has done business in the most recent past twelve (12) months, to whom the EMPLOYEE has been assigned to in the past, or about whom the EMPLOYEE has gained knowledge solely through his employment with EMPLOYER.

So please help me how should I deal with my employer.

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