RFE requesting Bank Details -- Urgent help


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I have applied for reinstatement of my I-20 to take an additional course and questions asked was:

"As part of the record, you submitted foreign financial records from Finacle for Father's Name, provide detail statement explaining how you access funds while in United States. If funds will be transferred to an account in United States include 3 months of bank statements for those accounts.

Any financial records you submit need to include full name of the account holder and address on the statement."

I have taken the course which was completed in December and now got an RFE and have to respond by tomorrow. Since it was only one course I got half the money from my brother here and half from a friends and paid it off. Can you please let me know what proof I need to provide to address the above RFE question. Will my bank statement and letter of support from my brother and friend suffice or should I submit anything more documents.


Any feedback to your knowledge is genuinely appreciated.




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