Indian going to marry American in USA and couple returning to India

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I'm in a somewhat rare situation where my American fiancée wants to move to India to be with me after marriage.

But here's the tricky bit: my family roots are in India and hers' in America. What this entails, is that we conduct one ceremony in the US, and another one in India to cater to both family sides .

I'm aware of the typical K1/K3/I129F process for a foreign fiancee to move to the U.S. But given that in the near term, we want to remain in India after a wedding in the US-- what type of visa would be suitable (and more importantly-- legal!)

We would like to conduct the wedding in the US first, and return to India within 10 days to have another ceremony in India.

I have a 10 year B1/B2 visa. Can I enter on this for the US wedding event(since I technically don't intend to immigrate on that instance). Because we want to come back to India in a few weeks for 2nd event-- the K1 didn't seem to make sense-- or would that be recommended?

Perhaps 1-2 years down the line, we'll consider moving back to the US, but for now-- we're trying to see how we can facilitate the needs of our cross-continent wedding! Thanks for any thoughts and suggestions.

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Thanks! That's a relief. Would it be fine to tell the immigration officer that the purpose of my trip is to marry my american fiancee and return to my home country shortly? (obviously furnishing proof of my job back home)

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